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K’s Jazz Days


How to explain where Kanazawa is 呑みながら金沢を説明する方法

Kanazawa castle in April


Dear San Diego friends,

I am very happy to see you again in Anaheim. I have no intention on Disney Land, yet have warm feeling to see all of you in CA again.

As I noticed to you already, I shifted to Kanazawa city in Japan. The place is far from both Osaka and Tokyo. Especially with alcohol, I can imagine no possibility of good success on your understanding of Kanazawa's place. It is my issue "how to explain where Kanazawa is".

Kanazawa is very fruitful, old and beautiful city. Also old culture with continuity from Shogun-era makes people to enjoy their life. So I can also enjoy my life in Kanazawa with good bars. In the bar named "galetasso" near my home, we are talking "how to explain where Kanazawa is". She said, "It is easy to explain. We can see so many foreign visitors. Let you see this".

This means her hand. Her palm represented our area, and  Her thumb represented Noto-peninsula.  Let you check the shape of central Japan with Kanazawa (point-A):

After her suggestion and "palm-shape", I tried to train the same thing for the dinner with you:

With less training, it is similar as her, but is NOT the same in a point of ART. To represent correct angle of the peninsula is  difficult with alcohol. For all of you, I will demonstrate "how to explain where Kanazawa is".

I am looking forward to seeing you soon in Anaheim. Also I am waiting for all of you in Kanazawa that is the most fruitful city in Japan.