K’s Jazz Days

K’s Jazz Days


George AdamsのDiscographyと保有音源

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As leader
Jazz a Confronto 22 (Horo, 1975)
Suite for Swingers (Horo, 1976) [LP]
Paradise Space Shuttle (Timeless Muse, 1979)
Sound Suggestions (ECM, 1979)[LP]
Hand to Hand – with Dannie Richmond (Soul Note, 1980) [LP]
Melodic Excursions – with Don Pullen (Timeless, 1982) [LP]
Gentlemen's Agreement – with Dannie Richmond (Soul Note, 1983)
More Sightings – with Hannibal Peterson (Enja, 1984)
Nightingale (Blue Note, 1989)
America (Blue Note, 1989)
Old Feeling (Something Else, 1991)

As the George Adams-Don Pullen Quartet
All That Funk (Palcoscenico, 1979)
More Funk (Palcoscenico, 1979)
Don't Lose Control (Soul Note, 1979)
Earth Beams (Timeless, 1981) [LP]
Life Line (Timeless, 1981)[JPN-LP]
City Gates (Timeless, 1983)
Live at the Village Vanguard (Soul Note, 1983)[LP]
Live at the Village Vanguard Vol. 2 (Soul Note, 1983)[LP]
Decisions (Timeless, 1984) [LP]
Live at Montmartre – with John Scofield (Timeless, 1985)[lP]
Breakthrough (Blue Note, 1986)
Song Everlasting (Blue Note, 1987)

With Phalanx
1986 Got Something Good for You (Moers Music)
1987 Original Phalanx (DIW)
1988 In Touch (DIW)