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Sonny Rollinsの1960年代Discography



1962 (age 32)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - The Bridge (RCA Victor LPM-2527)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - What's New (RCA Victor LPM-2572)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - Our Man In Jazz (RCA Victor LPM-2612)
Sonny Rollins - European Concerts (Bandstand (It) BDLP 1502)
Sonny Rollins, Don Cherry - Rollins Meets Cherry Vol. 1 (Moon (It) MCD 053-2)
Sonny Rollins, Don Cherry - Rollins Meets Cherry Vol. 2 (Moon (It) MCD 054-2)
Sonny Rollins - In Stuttgart Europe (Unique Jazz UJ 002)
Sonny Rollins - Live In Paris 1963 (Magnetic (Luxembourgian) MRCD 101)
Sonny Rollins Quartet - Stuttgart 1963 Concert (Jazz Connoisseur (Israeli) JC 106)
Sonny Rollins-Don Cherry Quartet - Complete 1963 Stuttgart Concert (Rare Live Recordings (Eu) RLR 88645)
Sonny Rollins Quartet In Europe 1963 Vol. 1 (Jazz Up (It) JU 313)
Sonny Rollins Quartet In Europe 1963 Vol. 2 (Jazz Up (It) JU 314)
[LPorg] Gary Burton, Sonny Rollins, Clark Terry - 3 In Jazz (RCA Victor LPM-2725)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins, Coleman Hawkins - Sonny Meets Hawk! (RCA Victor LPM-2712)
[LP]Sonny Rollins - Now's The Time (RCA Victor LPM-2927)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - After The Bridge (RCA Bluebird (F) 5634-1-RB11)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - The Standard (RCA Victor LPM-3355)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - There Will Never Be Another You (Impulse! IA-9349)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - On Impulse! (Impulse! A-91)
Sonny Rollins Quintet In Europe (Unique Jazz UJ 29)
Sonny Rollins Trio Live In Europe '65 (Magnetic (Luxembourgian) MRCD 118)
Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins - The Paris Concert '65 (Magnetic (Luxembourgian) MRCD 121/22)
Sonny Rollins In Paris (Jazzway (It) LLM 1501)<br />
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - Alfie (Soundtrack) (Impulse! A-9111)
[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - East Broadway Run Down (Impulse! A-9121)
Max Roach Quintet & Sonny Rollins Trio - Graz 1963 Concert (Jazz Connoisseur (Israeli) JC 108)
[LP] Sonny Rollins - Rollins in Holland
Sonny Rollins - In Denmark 1 (Moon (It) MCD 037-2)
Sonny Rollins - In Denmark 2 (Moon (It) MCD 038-2)
Sonny Rollins - In Copenhagen 1968 - The Full Session (SSJ (J) XQAM-1628)