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K’s Jazz Days


Eric Dolphyのディスコグラフィーと保有盤の整理

[2020-8-11] 保有LP入力。次はディジタル音源。







1948 (age 20)
V.A. - Black California: The Savoy Sessions (Savoy SJL 2215)

Baron Mingus - West Coast 1945-49 (Uptown UPCD 27.48)

1958 (age 30)
Chico Hamilton - Jazz Milestones Series (Pacific Jazz PJ-10108)
The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings Of The Chico Hamilton Quintet (Mosaic MQ9-175)
V.A. - Newport Jazz Festival 1958-59 (FDC (It) 1024)
Chico Hamilton Quintet With Strings Attached (Warner Bros. W 1245)
V.A. - Jazz Festival In Stereo - Hear In And Far Out (Warner Bros. W 1281)
[LPorigST] Chico Hamilton - Gongs East! (Warner Bros. W 1271)

Chico Hamilton - The Three Faces Of Chico (Warner Bros. W 1344)
Chico Hamilton - That Hamilton Man (Sesac N-2901/2902)

[LP]Chico Hamilton Quintet featuring Eric Dolphy(FSR)
Sammy Davis Jr. - I Gotta Right To Swing (Decca DL 8981)
[LP2nd RVGモノ] Eric Dolphy - Outward Bound (New Jazz NJLP 8236)
V.A. - 25 Years Of Prestige (Prestige PR 24046)
[LP2ndRVGst] [LP黄]Eric Dolphy - Here And There (Prestige PR 7382)
Charles Mingus - Pre-Bird (Mercury MG-20627)
Oliver Nelson - Screamin' The Blues (New Jazz NJLP 8243)
[LP2ndRVGモノ] Ken McIntyre, Eric Dolphy - Looking Ahead (New Jazz NJLP 8247)
[LP] Eric Dolphy - Other Aspects (Blue Note BT 85131)
[日LP]Charles Mingus - Mingus At Antibes (Atlantic SD 2-3001)
[LP2ndRVGst][LP OJC] Eric Dolphy - Out There (New Jazz NJLP 8252)
[LP2ndRVGモノ] The Latin Jazz Quintet, Eric Dolphy - Caribe (New Jazz NJLP 8251)
John Lewis - The Wonderful World Of Jazz (Atlantic LP 1375)
John Lewis Plays The Compositions & Arrangements Of Gary McFarland - Essence (Atlantic LP 1425)
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Trane Whistle (Prestige PRLP 7206)
[日LP][仏LP]Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus (Candid CJM 8005)
[LP] Mingus (Candid CJM 8021)
V.A. - The Jazz Life! (Candid CJM 8019)
[LP] The Complete Candid Recordings Of Charles Mingus (Mosaic MR4-111)
[LP] Eric Dolphy - Candid Dolphy (Candid (Eu) CS 9033)
Eric Dolphy - Candid Dolphy (Candid (E) CCD 79033)
Charles Mingus - Mysterious Blues (Candid (Eu) CS 9042)
Jazz Artists Guild - Newport Rebels (Candid CJM 8022)
[LP]Eric Dolphy - Naima (Jazzway (It) MUTT 1502)
John Lewis Presents Contemporary Music - Jazz Abstractions (Atlantic LP 1365)
Ornette Coleman - Twins (Atlantic SD 1588)
The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet - Free Jazz (Atlantic LP 1364)
[LP New Jazz RVGモノ][LP2nd RVGモノ] [LP日ビクター]Eric Dolphy - Far Cry (New Jazz NJLP 8270)
The Latin Jazz Quintet (United Artists UAL 4071)

Abbey Lincoln - Straight Ahead (Candid CJM 8015)
[LPorg st] Oliver Nelson - The Blues And The Abstract Truth (Impulse! A-5)
[LP2ndRVGモノ] Oliver Nelson, Eric Dolphy - Straight Ahead (New Jazz NJLP 8255)
[日LP] Booker Little - Out Front (Candid CJM 8027)
Booker Little - Out Front (Candid (J) 32JDC-106)
[LP] Ted Curson - Plenty Of Horn (Old Town LP 2003)
[LP OJC] George Russell Sextet - Ezz-Thetics (Riverside RLP 375)
The John Coltrane Quartet - Africa/Brass (Impulse! A-6)
[LPabc] John Coltrane - The Africa Brass Sessions, Vol. 2 (Impulse! AS-9273)
The Mastery Of John Coltrane, Vol. IV - Trane's Modes (Impulse! IZ-9361/2)
John Coltrane - Ole Coltrane (Atlantic LP 1373)
John Coltrane - The Coltrane Legacy (Atlantic SD 1553)
[LP Status RVGモノ] Ron Carter - Where (New Jazz NJLP 8265)
[LP2ndRVGモノ][LP黄st] Mal Waldron - The Quest (New Jazz NJLP 8269)
[LP2ndRVGst] Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot, Vol. 2 (Prestige PRLP 7294)
[LP2ndRVGst][LP黄st] Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot, Vol. 1 (New Jazz NJLP 8260)
[LP2ndRVGst] Eric Dolphy And Booker Little Memorial Album (Prestige PR 7334)
Max Roach - Percussion Bitter Sweet (Impulse! A-8)
[日LP] Eric Dolphy - Berlin Concerts (enja (G) 3007+9)
[LP] Eric Dolphy - The Uppsala Concert, Vol. 1 (Serene (F) SER 03)
Eric Dolphy - The Uppsala Concert, Vol. 2 (Serene (F) SER 04)
[LP] Eric Dolphy - The Uppsala Concert, Vol. 2 (Marshmallow (J) MMEX-135-CD)
[LP2nd RVG st][LP OJC] Eric Dolphy In Europe, Vol. 2 (Prestige PR 7350)
[LP2nd RVG st] [LP OJC]Eric Dolphy In Europe, Vol. 3 (Prestige PR 7366)
[LP再発][LP2ndst]Eric Dolphy In Europe (Debut (D) DEB 136)
[LP] [LP OJC]Eric Dolphy In Europe, Vol. 1 (Prestige PR 7304)
[LP] Eric Dolphy - Stockholm Sessions (enja (G) 3055)
Eric Dolphy - Stockholm Sessions (enja (G) CD 3055-2)
[CD]John Coltrane - The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings (Impulse! IMPD-4-232)
John Coltrane - The Other Village Vanguard Tapes (Impulse! AS-9325)
John Coltrane - From The Original Master Tapes (Impulse! MCAD-5541)
[LP]Coltrane - "Live" At The Village Vanguard (Impulse! A-10)
[LP RVG]John Coltrane - Impressions (Impulse! A-42)
John Coltrane Quintet Featuring Eric Dolphy Live In Paris 1961 (Jazzway (It) LTM 1503)
John Coltrane - The Complete Paris Concerts (Magnetic (Luxembourgian) MRCD 114/15)
John Coltrane - The Complete Copenhagen Concert (Magnetic (Luxembourgian) MRCD 116)
[日LPaffinity]  Eric Dolphy Quintet - Live On Mount Meru (Volume Two) (Featuring John Coltrane): Red Cover (Historic Performances (Swd) HPLP-5)
[LP] Eric Dolphy Quintet - Live On Mount Meru (Featuring John Coltrane): White Cover (Historic Performances (Swd) HPLP-1)
John Coltrane - Coltrane Quartet And Quintet In Europe (Jazz Connoisseur (Israeli) JC 112)
[LP]Eric Dolphy Quartet - 1961 (Jazz Connoisseur (Israeli) JC 107)
[LP][LP Stash] Eric Dolphy Quartet - Live In Germany (Magnetic (Luxembourgian) MRCD 130)
Eric Dolphy - 3 Dolphy Groups (Unique Jazz UJ 26)

John Coltrane-Eric Dolphy - That Dynamic Jazz Duo!: Rare Broadcast Performances (Ozone 10)
Pony Poindexter - Pony's Express (Epic LA 16035)
V.A. - Almost Forgotten-Various Artists - Instrumentalists (Columbia FC 38509)
[LP]Eric Dolphy - Vintage Dolphy (GM Recordings GM 3005D)
Benny Golson - Pop + Jazz = Swing (Audio Fidelity AFLP 1978)
Benny Golson - Just Jazz! (Audio Fidelity AFLP 2150)
[LP stash]Eric Dolphy Quintet Live At Gaslight Inn, October, 1962 (Ingo (It) fourteen)
Charlie Mingus - Town Hall Concert (United Artists UAJ 14024)
Charles Mingus - The Complete Town Hall Concert (Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28353 2 5)

[LP]Orchestra U.S.A. - Debut (Colpix CP 448)
Freddie Hubbard - The Body & The Soul (Impulse! A-38)
[CD]Eric Dolphy - The Illinois Concert (Blue Note 7243 4 99826 2 8)
Teddy Charles And The All Stars - Russia Goes Jazz (United Artists UAL 3365)
[LP VeeJay mono][日LP]Eric Dolphy - Conversations (FM FM 308)
[LP]Eric Dolphy - Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions (Resonance Records HCD-2035)
[LP] Eric Dolphy - Muses (Marshmallow (J) MMEX-159-CD)
Eric Dolphy - Iron Man (Douglas SD 785)
Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (Impulse! A-54)
V.A. - The Definitive Jazz Scene, Volume 1 (Impulse! A-99)
The Individualism Of Gil Evans (Verve V/V6-8555)
1964 (aged 36)
[日LP]The Sextet Of Orchestra U.S.A. (RCA Victor LPM-3498)
[LP UA/RVGst][LP Libertyst][日LPキング] Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch! (Blue Note BLP 4163)
Charles Mingus Sextet With Eric Dolphy - Cornell 1964 (Blue Note 0946 3 92210 2 8)
[LP]Andrew Hill - Point Of Departure (Blue Note BLP 4167)
The Complete Blue Note Andrew Hill Sessions (1963-66) (Mosaic MR10-161)
Charles Mingus - Town Hall Concert 1964, Vol. 1 (Mingus JWS 005)
[日LPdiw]Charles Mingus - Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Vol. 1 (Ulysse Musique (F) AROC 50506/07)
Charles Mingus - Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Vol. 2 (Ulysse Musique (F) AROC 50608)
Charles Mingus Sextet Live In Oslo 1964, Vol. 1 (Landscape (F) LS2-913)
Charles Mingus - Live In Oslo 1964 Featuring Eric Dolphy (Jazz Up (It) JU 307)
Charles Mingus Sextet Live In Oslo 1964, Vol. 2 (Landscape (F) LS2-919)
Charles Mingus Sextet - Oslo 1964 (Royal Jazz (D) RJD 518)
Charles Mingus Sextet Live In Copenhagen 1964 (Landscape (F) LS2-905)
Charles Mingus - Astral Weeks (Moon (It) MLP 016-1)
Charles Mingus Orchestra With Eric Dolphy 1964, Vol. 1 - Hope So Eric (Ingo (It) ten)
Charles Mingus Sextet Live In Europe (Unique Jazz UJ 23)
Charles Mingus Orchestra With Eric Dolphy, Vol. 2 - Fables Of Faubus (Ingo (It) thirteen)
Charles Mingus Orchestra With Eric Dolphy, Vol. 3 - Parkeriana (Ingo (It) fifteen)
[LP prestige 3] The Great Concert Of Charles Mingus (America (F) 30 AM 003-005)
Charlie Mingus - Meditation (France's Concert (F) FC 102)
Charles Mingus - Live In Paris 1964, Vol. 2 (France's Concert (F) FC 110)
[日LP]Charles Mingus - Mingus In Europe, Vol. I (enja (G) 3049)
Charles Mingus - Mingus In Europe, Vol. I (enja (G) CD 3049-2)
[日LP]Charles Mingus - Mingus In Europe, Vol. II (enja (G) 3077)
Charles Mingus - Mingus In Europe, Vol. II (enja (G) CD 3077-2)
Charles Mingus - Mingus In Stuttgart, April 28, 1964 Concert (Unique Jazz UJ 007/08)
Charles Mingus - Mingus In Stuttgart, April 28, 1964 Concert (Unique Jazz UJ 009)
Daniel Humair - Surrounded 1964-1987 (Flat & Sharp PAM 970)
[LP]Eric Dolphy - Epistrophy (Instant Composers Pool (Du) ICP 015)
[LPモノorg][LPステレオ][日Limelight]Eric Dolphy - Last Date (Fontana (Du) 681 008 ZL)
[2LP]Eric Dolphy - Unrealized Tapes (West Wind (G) WW 016)
==>Last recordings(DIW), Naima(Jazzway)



[LP 日ビクター] Dash one (1960-61)
[LP base] Candid Dolphy (1961-62)