K’s Jazz Days

K’s Jazz Days


Woody Shawのディスコグラフィーと保有音源

[2019-09-15] Discographyと写真整理



As leader/co-leader
1965: In the Beginning (Muse) – released 1983 [LP]
1970: Blackstone Legacy (Contemporary) [LP/JPN][CD]
1972: Song of Songs (Contemporary)[CD]
1974: The Moontrane (Muse)
1975: San Francisco Express – Getting It Together (Reynolds)
1976: Love Dance (Muse)
1976: Little Red's Fantasy (Muse)[LP][CD]
1976: The Woody Shaw Concert Ensemble at the Berliner Jazztage (Muse)[CD]
1977: The Iron Men with Anthony Braxton (Muse – released 1980) [LP][CD]
1978: Rosewood (Columbia) [LP]
1979: Stepping Stones: Live at the Village Vanguard (Columbia)[LP]
1979: Woody III (Columbia)[LP][CD]
1980: For Sure! (Columbia)[LP][CD]
1981: United (Columbia)[LP]
1982: Lotus Flower (Enja)
1982: Master of the Art (Elektra Musician)[LP]
1982: Night Music (Elektra Musician)[LP]
1983: The Time Is Right (Red)
1983: Setting Standards (Muse)
1985: Woody Shaw with the Tone Jansa Quartet (Timeless)
1985: Double Take with Freddie Hubbard (Blue Note)
1986: Bemsha Swing (Blue Note – released 1997)
1986: Solid (Muse)[CD]
1986: Dr. Chi with the Tone Jansa Quartet (Timeless)
1987: In My Own Sweet Way (In + Out)
1987: The Eternal Triangle with Freddie Hubbard (Blue Note)
1987: Imagination (Muse) [LP][CD]

2000: Woody Shaw Live Volume One (HighNote)[CD]
2001: Woody Shaw Live Volume Two (HighNote)[CD]
2002: Woody Shaw Live Volume Three (HighNote)[CD]
2005: Woody Shaw Live Volume Four (HighNote)[CD]
The Tour vol.1(HighNote)[CD]
The Tour vol.2(HighNote)[CD]
2012: Stepping Stones: Live at the Village Vanguard (recorded 1977, Columbia Legacy)[CD]
2012: Woody Plays Woody (HighNote, compilation drawn from the HighNote live albums above)
2012: Woody Shaw – Trumpet Legacy Revisited, Field Recordings of a Jazz Master (International Trumpet Guild)
2018: Tokyo '81 (Elemental Music)[CD]
2018: Live in Bremen 1983 (Elemental Music)


1992: The Complete CBS Studio Recordings of Woody Shaw (Mosaic)
2011: Woody Shaw: The Complete Columbia Albums Collection (Columbia Legacy)[CD]
2013: Woody Shaw: The Complete Muse Sessions (Mosaic)

With Benny Golson
Time Speaks (Baystate, 1982) with Freddie Hubbard [LP]

With Louis Hayes
Ichi-Ban (Timeless, 1976) with Junior Cook [LP][CD]
The Real Thing (Muse, 1977)
Lausanne 1977 (1977) [CD]





早速、For sureを入手。コロンビアのショウは沢山あるので入手は容易。ディスコグラフィをいい加減にしか覚えていない人のレコード入手は難しい。これでコロンビア盤は揃った。Muse盤も気になるが、気持ちの中では、もういいかな。



Columbiaで持っていないのはFor sureと判明。