K’s Jazz Days

K’s Jazz Days



BlankFor.ms: In Part (2023) 音楽の始原的な有り様に遡行するような

BlankFor.ms: In Part (2023, Mystery Circles)A1. Ardor (Part One) (BlankFor.ms) 4:11A2. Ardor (Part Two) (BlankFor.ms) 4:07A3. Inside (BlankFor.ms) 9:01B1. Formal (Parts One and Two) (BlankFor.ms) 8:19B2. Round (BlankFor.ms) 3:33B3. Roam (F…

Victor Baker: The Guitar Shop Sessions Volume 1 (2023) ジャズ・ギターを聴く愉悦

Victor Baker (g), Harley Magsino(b), Eric Shechter(key except 4, 5), Ed Kornhauser (keys on 4, 5), Julien Cantelm(ds except 6, 7 and 8), Mark Ferber (ds on 6, 7 and 8) Recorded live in Victor’s guitar workshop in San Diego Recorded Jan 25,…

坪口昌恭/Ortance: SCENERY(2023) High resolution音源をAudirvana OriginとKorg Nu 1で再生

坪口昌恭/Ortance: SCENERY(2023, APOLLO SOUNDS)1. Jungle Peace 06:46 2. Ordinary Smile 06:56 3. Sentinel Island 05:02 4. Warm, Snow Light 03:23 5. Milky Wave 06:57 6. Candle 03:40 7. Break Polar 05:45 8. Must Not Be Lost 04:05坪口昌恭(p, sy…

岡田拓郎: Betsu No Jikan (2023) beyond ECM的な音なんだろうな

岡田拓郎(p, g, s-synth), 石若駿(ds, perc) 他