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K’s Jazz Days


Jazz (guitar)

Daniel Villarreal: Lados B (2020) とにかくJeff Parkerがしっかり聴けるから

Daniel Villarreal: Lados B (2020, International Anthem Recording Company)A1. Traveling WithA2. Sunset CliffsA3. RepublicA4. Chicali OutpostA5. Bring ItB1. SaluteB2. Daytime NighttimeB3. Things Can Be CalmB4. Rug MotifDaniel Villarreal(ds, …

Slam Stewart, Bucky Pizzarelli: Dialogue (1978)あのアルコとユニゾンの鼻歌をたっぷり堪能

Slam Stewart(b, voice), Bucky Pizzarelli(g) Engineer: Les Paul Jr. Producer: Bernard Brightman

Michel Petrucciani, Wayne Shorter, Jim Hall: Power Of Three (1986)アナログ末期の美音を聴く

Michel Petrucciani(p), Wayne Shorter(sax), Jim Hall(g) Engineer: Dave Richards Producer: David Rubinson Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 14, 1986.

高柳昌行: A Jazzy Profile Of Jojo (1970) ホーンセクションのアレンジが時代モノだけど

高柳昌行: A Jazzy Profile Of Jojo (1970)A1. The Things We Did Last Summer 3:42A2. Who Can I Turn To 3:03A3. That Old Feeling 2:37A4. Prelude In Chords 1:12A5. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 2:36A6. There'll Never Be Another You 3…

Wes Montgomery: Straight, No Chaser (1965) Han Bennink緩蒐集の1枚

Wes Montgomery(g), Clark Terrytp, flh), Pim Jacobs(p), Ruud Jacobs(b), Han Bennink(ds) [レコード盤:Harold Mabern(p), Arthur Harper(b), Jimmy Lovelace(ds)] Recorded 2 April 1965, VARA-studio 7, Hilversum, Holland.

Victor Baker: The Guitar Shop Sessions Volume 1 (2023) ジャズ・ギターを聴く愉悦

Victor Baker (g), Harley Magsino(b), Eric Shechter(key except 4, 5), Ed Kornhauser (keys on 4, 5), Julien Cantelm(ds except 6, 7 and 8), Mark Ferber (ds on 6, 7 and 8) Recorded live in Victor’s guitar workshop in San Diego Recorded Jan 25,…

Steve Tibbetts (1976) ECMの音響処理がないと

Steve Tibbetts(g, tape effects, vo), Tim Weinhold(perc on A2 and A3) Engineer: Steve Tibbetts Recorded summer and fall 1976 at Der Studio D' Muzak Elechtronik, St.

David Sylvian: Blemish (2003) レコードの落とし穴


大友良英special big band Live AT Shinjuku Pit Inn (2014) ドルフィーやヘイデン、フォンティーヌの魔力は強し

大友良英(gr), 江藤直子(p), 近藤達郎(key), 斉藤 寛(fl,picc),, 井上梨江(cl, b-cl), 鈴木広志(sax), 江川良子, 東 凉太(sax), 佐藤秀徳(tp), 今込 治(tb), 木村仁哉(tuba), 大口俊輔(acc), かわいしのぶ(b), 小林武文(ds), 上原なな江(mar, perc), 相川 瞳…

ギター奏者 Monnette Sudlerに関するメモとプレイリスト

Play list: Time for a Change (1976) Brighter Days for You (1977) Live in Europe (1978) Where Have All the Legends Gone? (2009)

Jeff Parker: Forfolks (2021) 雪の頃に聴くレコードに

Jeff Parker(g) Engineered by Graeme Gibson at Sholo Studio in Altadena, California on June 28th & 29th, 2021. Mixed by Graeme Gibson in Cypress Park, Los Angeles, California on July 15th & 16th, 2021. Sequenced by Scott McNiece. Mastered b…

高柳昌行: Dangerous (1991) 高柳昌行のLast date

高柳昌行(g, electronics) 1991年3月

Derek Bailey: Drop Me Off At 96th (1986,87) ベイリーのソロは楽しい

Derek Bailey (g) Tracks 1-3: London 12 May 1986. Guitar: 1936 Epiphone Triumph. Tracks 4-7: Berne 3 June 1987. Guitar: Martin D18.

Jakob Bro, Thomas Knak: BRO/KNAK (2012) 最晩年のブレイの貴重な16分46秒

[Disc-1] Bill Frisell, Jakob Bro(el-g), Thomas Morgan (b), David Virelles, Paul Bley(p), Kenny Wheeler(flh), Tine Rehling(harp), Jakob Kullberg(cello), Jakob Høyer(ds), Jonas Westergaard(b), Jeff Ballard(ds), The Royal Danish Chapel Choir(…

Pat Martino: Nightwings (1994) フィル・ウッズとパット・マルティーノは

Pat Martino(g),Bob Kenmotsu(ts), James Ridl(p), Marc Johnson (b), Bill Stewart(ds) Recorded May 27, 1994 at Sound on Sound Studio, NYC.

Pat Martino: Interchange (1994) こんなアルバムが気持ち良かったりする

Pat Martino(g), James Ridl(p), Marc Johnson (b), Sherman Ferguson(ds) Producer, Engineer: Paul Bagin Recorded at Systems II, Brooklyn, NY on March 1, 1994.

Michael Shrieve: Two Doors "In The Palace Of Dreams" (1993,1995) 二匹目の泥鰌は

[Deep Umbra] Michael Shrieve(ds), Jonas Hellborg(b), Shawn Lane(g,vo) Engineer: Cedric Beatty Mixed : Walter Quintus Recorded and mixed at Ztudio Zerkall, Germany, May 1995 [Flying Polly] Michael Shrieve(ds), Bill Frisell(g), Wayne Horvitz…

Isotope 217°: Utonian Automatic (1999) マイルスの影がちらりと

Dan Bitney(key), Jeff Parker(g), John Herndon(ds), Matthew Lux(b), Rob Mazurek(cor) Recorded By, Mixed By: Bundy K. Brown, John McEntire

高柳昌行、井野信義、菊地雅章:Live at Jazz inn Lovely 1990 驚くべき音源が

高柳昌行(g)、井野信義(b)、菊地雅章(p) Recorded live by SONY TC-DM at jazz inn Lovely, Nagoya, Japan, October 9th, 1990.

Derek Bailey: Aida (1980) 聴きながら近藤等則のこと徒然、そしてベイリーの音

Derek Bailey(g) Side-A recorded at 'Dunois' Paris on 4 July 1980 Sicd-B recorded at the ICA London on 3 August 1980

Power Tools: Live@Bracknell Festival, England 1988 BOOT臭いbandcamp音源だけど

Bill Frisell(g), Melvin Gibbs(b), Ronald Shannon Jackson(ds)

Power Tools: Strange Meeting (1987) フリーゼルを繋ぎ止める

Bill Frisell(g), Melvin Gibbs(b), Ronald Shannon Jackson(ds) Recording at January 8, 9, 10, 1987, on Radio City Recording Studio, New York City

Steve Tibbetts: Steve Tibbetts (1976) 真正面から聴く、というよりは

Steve Tibbetts (Tape Effects, Vocals,Instruments) Percussion: Tim Weinholds Recorded summer and fall 1976 at Der Studio D'Muzak Elechtronik, St. Paul, MN.

Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell: Just So Happens (1994) 自然な音空間のなかで伸びやかに音を交歓する二人

Gary Peacock(b), Bill Frisell(g) Recorded on February 17 and 18, 1994, at Electric Lady Studios, New York City.

今井和雄: far and wee (2004)  レコードの音

Live recording by Takeshi Yoshida, April 24, 2004 at Plan B “Kazuo Imai SOLOWORKS Vol. 41”

Jeff Parkerのこと

Jeff Parkerのギターは饒舌、ということはなく、粛々と空間を紡いでいくような感じが良くて、好み。特にソロがいいかな。 Jeff Parker: Slight Freedom (2013-14) streetからの路地風のようなものが(レコードを入手した) - K’s Jazz Days Jeff Parker: The R…

Elvis Costello And Bill Frisell: Deep Dead Blue - Live 25 June 95 (1995) これが好きな音なんだな

Elvis Costello(vo), Bill Frisell(g) Recorded live at London Meltdown Festival, 25 June 1995.

John Zorn, George Lewis, Bill Frisell: News For Lulu (1987) 管に粒立ち、のような表現が許されるなら

John Zorn(as), Bill Frisell(g), George Lewis(tb) Tracks 18 to 20 recorded DIGITAL two-track live at Jazzfestival Willisau on 7/30/87. All other tracks recorded DIGITAL two-track live at Soundville Recording Studio Lucerne on 7/28/87.

今井和雄: 三嶋典東のために(2010) 仕事に疲れた、ばかりではないと思う。このトリップ感

今井和雄: 三嶋典東のために(2010, Ftarri)1. Improvisation (40:55)2. For Tentou Mishima No. 1-A (3:59)3. For Tentou Mishima No. 1-B (4:07)4. For Tentou Mishima No. 2-A (4:04)5. For Tentou Mishima No. 2-B (4:01)今井和雄(acoustic g on 1-5, Fie…

George Coleman, Mike Stern, Ron Carter, Jimmy Cobb: 4 Generations Of Miles (2002) コブの健在をこれで知った(追悼)

Jimmy Cobb(ds), George Coleman(ts), Mike Stern(g), Ron Carter(b) Recorded at Mankor, NYC with a live audience May 12, 2002