K’s Jazz Days

K’s Jazz Days


Jazz (guitar)

大友良英special big band Live AT Shinjuku Pit Inn (2014) ドルフィーやヘイデン、フォンティーヌの魔力は強し

大友良英(gr), 江藤直子(p), 近藤達郎(key), 斉藤 寛(fl,picc),, 井上梨江(cl, b-cl), 鈴木広志(sax), 江川良子, 東 凉太(sax), 佐藤秀徳(tp), 今込 治(tb), 木村仁哉(tuba), 大口俊輔(acc), かわいしのぶ(b), 小林武文(ds), 上原なな江(mar, perc), 相川 瞳…

ギター奏者 Monnette Sudlerに関するメモとプレイリスト

Play list: Time for a Change (1976) Brighter Days for You (1977) Live in Europe (1978) Where Have All the Legends Gone? (2009)

Jeff Parker: Forfolks (2021) 雪の頃に聴くレコードに

Jeff Parker(g) Engineered by Graeme Gibson at Sholo Studio in Altadena, California on June 28th & 29th, 2021. Mixed by Graeme Gibson in Cypress Park, Los Angeles, California on July 15th & 16th, 2021. Sequenced by Scott McNiece. Mastered b…

高柳昌行: Dangerous (1991) 高柳昌行のLast date

高柳昌行(g, electronics) 1991年3月

Derek Bailey: Drop Me Off At 96th (1986,87) ベイリーのソロは楽しい

Derek Bailey (g) Tracks 1-3: London 12 May 1986. Guitar: 1936 Epiphone Triumph. Tracks 4-7: Berne 3 June 1987. Guitar: Martin D18.

Jakob Bro, Thomas Knak: BRO/KNAK (2012) 最晩年のブレイの貴重な16分46秒

[Disc-1] Bill Frisell, Jakob Bro(el-g), Thomas Morgan (b), David Virelles, Paul Bley(p), Kenny Wheeler(flh), Tine Rehling(harp), Jakob Kullberg(cello), Jakob Høyer(ds), Jonas Westergaard(b), Jeff Ballard(ds), The Royal Danish Chapel Choir(…

Pat Martino: Nightwings (1994) フィル・ウッズとパット・マルティーノは

Pat Martino(g),Bob Kenmotsu(ts), James Ridl(p), Marc Johnson (b), Bill Stewart(ds) Recorded May 27, 1994 at Sound on Sound Studio, NYC.

Pat Martino: Interchange (1994) こんなアルバムが気持ち良かったりする

Pat Martino(g), James Ridl(p), Marc Johnson (b), Sherman Ferguson(ds) Producer, Engineer: Paul Bagin Recorded at Systems II, Brooklyn, NY on March 1, 1994.

Michael Shrieve: Two Doors "In The Palace Of Dreams" (1993,1995) 二匹目の泥鰌は

[Deep Umbra] Michael Shrieve(ds), Jonas Hellborg(b), Shawn Lane(g,vo) Engineer: Cedric Beatty Mixed : Walter Quintus Recorded and mixed at Ztudio Zerkall, Germany, May 1995 [Flying Polly] Michael Shrieve(ds), Bill Frisell(g), Wayne Horvitz…

Isotope 217°: Utonian Automatic (1999) マイルスの影がちらりと

Dan Bitney(key), Jeff Parker(g), John Herndon(ds), Matthew Lux(b), Rob Mazurek(cor) Recorded By, Mixed By: Bundy K. Brown, John McEntire

高柳昌行、井野信義、菊地雅章:Live at Jazz inn Lovely 1990 驚くべき音源が

高柳昌行(g)、井野信義(b)、菊地雅章(p) Recorded live by SONY TC-DM at jazz inn Lovely, Nagoya, Japan, October 9th, 1990.

Derek Bailey: Aida (1980) 聴きながら近藤等則のこと徒然、そしてベイリーの音

Derek Bailey(g) Side-A recorded at 'Dunois' Paris on 4 July 1980 Sicd-B recorded at the ICA London on 3 August 1980

Power Tools: Live@Bracknell Festival, England 1988 BOOT臭いbandcamp音源だけど

Bill Frisell(g), Melvin Gibbs(b), Ronald Shannon Jackson(ds)

Power Tools: Strange Meeting (1987) フリーゼルを繋ぎ止める

Bill Frisell(g), Melvin Gibbs(b), Ronald Shannon Jackson(ds) Recording at January 8, 9, 10, 1987, on Radio City Recording Studio, New York City

Steve Tibbetts: Steve Tibbetts (1976) 真正面から聴く、というよりは

Steve Tibbetts (Tape Effects, Vocals,Instruments) Percussion: Tim Weinholds Recorded summer and fall 1976 at Der Studio D'Muzak Elechtronik, St. Paul, MN.

Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell: Just So Happens (1994) 自然な音空間のなかで伸びやかに音を交歓する二人

Gary Peacock(b), Bill Frisell(g) Recorded on February 17 and 18, 1994, at Electric Lady Studios, New York City.

今井和雄: far and wee (2004)  レコードの音

Live recording by Takeshi Yoshida, April 24, 2004 at Plan B “Kazuo Imai SOLOWORKS Vol. 41”

Jeff Parkerのこと

Jeff Parkerのギターは饒舌、ということはなく、粛々と空間を紡いでいくような感じが良くて、好み。特にソロがいいかな。 Jeff Parker: Slight Freedom (2013-14) streetからの路地風のようなものが(レコードを入手した) - K’s Jazz Days Jeff Parker: The R…

Elvis Costello And Bill Frisell: Deep Dead Blue - Live 25 June 95 (1995) これが好きな音なんだな

Elvis Costello(vo), Bill Frisell(g) Recorded live at London Meltdown Festival, 25 June 1995.

John Zorn, George Lewis, Bill Frisell: News For Lulu (1987) 管に粒立ち、のような表現が許されるなら

John Zorn(as), Bill Frisell(g), George Lewis(tb) Tracks 18 to 20 recorded DIGITAL two-track live at Jazzfestival Willisau on 7/30/87. All other tracks recorded DIGITAL two-track live at Soundville Recording Studio Lucerne on 7/28/87.

今井和雄: 三嶋典東のために(2010) 仕事に疲れた、ばかりではないと思う。このトリップ感

今井和雄: 三嶋典東のために(2010, Ftarri)1. Improvisation (40:55)2. For Tentou Mishima No. 1-A (3:59)3. For Tentou Mishima No. 1-B (4:07)4. For Tentou Mishima No. 2-A (4:04)5. For Tentou Mishima No. 2-B (4:01)今井和雄(acoustic g on 1-5, Fie…

George Coleman, Mike Stern, Ron Carter, Jimmy Cobb: 4 Generations Of Miles (2002) コブの健在をこれで知った(追悼)

Jimmy Cobb(ds), George Coleman(ts), Mike Stern(g), Ron Carter(b) Recorded at Mankor, NYC with a live audience May 12, 2002

Joe Pass: I Remember Charlie Parker (1979) 暫し緩く「ジャジーな雰囲気」を愉しむのが正解、ということで

Joe Pass(g) Recorded at: Group IV, Hollywood, California; February 19, 1979.

Min Tanaka, Derek Bailey: Mountain Stage (1993) ベイリーの細分化された音がパルスのように

Derek Bailey(g), Min Tanaka(dance) Recorded At – Hakushu, Japan

Pat Metheny: From This Place (2020) それが成熟した完成度、ならばそうなのだろう

Pat Metheny(key, g), Gwilym Simcock(p), Linda May Han Oh(b), Antonio Sanchez (ds) horns, strings

Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder: No Boat (1996) メンバーを見て、もう疑いなく面白いよね、というアルバムなんだけど

Ben Monder(g), Theo Bleckmann (vo), Skuli Sverrisson (b), Jim Black (ds)

(ECM1216) Pat Metheny: Offramp (1981) 曇天から晴れ間を覗くようなメイズの音世界に

Pat Metheny(g), Lyle Mays(p), Steve Rodby (b), Danny Gottlieb(ds), Nana Vasconcelos(perc) Recorded October 1981 at Power Station, New York

Chicago underground quartet(2000) 薄味のアヴァンと不穏な味わい

Chad Taylor(perc, vib), Rob Mazurek(cor, elect), Jeff Parker(g), Noel Kupersmith(b) Recorded at Soma, August 2000

Bill Evans, Jim Hall: Undercurrent (1962) 力強い「対話」のあり方

Bill Evans(p), Jim Hall(g)

Han Bennink, 今井和雄: Across The Desert

Han Bennink, 今井和雄: Across The Desert (2002, Improvised Music From Japan)1. Attention 8:402. Eyes Right 9:063. Left Turn 5:304. Go Upwind 6:165. My Eyes Wouldn't Focus 6:296. Across The Desert 2:307. Imagination Is Obscene 6:548. What? …