K’s Jazz Days

K’s Jazz Days


Don Cherryのディスコグラフィーと保有音源

Universal silence追加。BN盤がもう1枚あったような。






As leader
[LP]1961: The Avant-Garde (Atlantic) with John Coltrane
1965: Togetherness (Durium)
1965: Complete Communion (Blue Note)
1966: Symphony for Improvisers (Blue Note)
1966: Where Is Brooklyn? (Blue Note)
1966: Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 (ESP-Disk)
[LP]1969: "mu" First Part (BYG Actuel) with Ed Blackwell
[日LP]1969: Eternal Rhythm (MPS)
1969: Live in Ankara (Sonet)
[LP]1970: Human Music (Flying Dutchman) with Jon Appleton
[LP]1970: "mu" Second Part (BYG Actuel) with Ed Blackwell
1971: Orient (BYG)
[LP]1971: Blue Lake (BYG)
1971: Actions with Krzysztof Penderecki & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra (Philips, 1971; Intuition, 2002)
[LP]1972: Organic Music Society (Caprice)
1973: Relativity Suite with the Jazz Composer's Orchestra (JCOA)
1973: Eternal Now (Sonet)
[日LP]1975: Brown Rice (Horizon)
[LP]1976: Hear & Now (Atlantic)
[LP]1982: El Corazón (ECM) with Ed Blackwell
[日LP][再発LP]1985: Home Boy (Sister Out) (Barclay) (France and Germany only)
[LP]1988: Art Deco (A&M)
[CD]1991: Multikulti (A&M)
1993: Dona Nostra (ECM)


With Old and New Dreams
[LP]Old and New Dreams (Black Saint, 1976)
[LP]Old and New Dreams (ECM, 1979)
[LP]Playing (ECM, 1980)
A Tribute to Blackwell (Black Saint, 1987)

With Codona
[LP]Codona (ECM, 1979)
[LP]Codona 2 (ECM, 1981)
[LP]Codona 3 (ECM, 1983)


As sideman

With Ornette Coleman
Something Else!!!! (Contemporary, 1958)
Tomorrow Is the Question! (Contemporary, 1959)
[LP]The Shape of Jazz to Come (Atlantic, 1959)
[LP]Change of the Century (Atlantic, 1960)
Twins (Atlantic, 1959–60 [1971])
The Art of the Improvisers (Atlantic, 1959–61 [1970])
To Whom Who Keeps a Record (Atlantic, 1959–60 [1975])
This is our Music (Atlantic, 1960)
Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation (Atlantic, 1960)
Ornette! (Atlantic, 1961)
Ornette on Tenor (Atlantic, 1961)
Crisis (Impulse!, 1969)
[LP]Science Fiction (Columbia, 1971)
Broken Shadows (Columbia, 1971 [1982])
In All Languages (Caravan of Dreams, 1987)


With the New York Contemporary Five
Consequences (Fontana, 1963)
New York Contemporary Five Vol. 1 (Sonet, 1963)
New York Contemporary Five Vol. 2 (Sonet, 1963)
Bill Dixon 7-tette/Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary Five (Savoy, 1964)


With Albert Ayler
[米LP] Ghosts (Debut, 1964)
The Hilversum Session (Osmosis, 1964)
New York Eye and Ear Control (ESP, 1965)

With Carla Bley
[LP] Escalator over the Hill (JCOA, 1971)


With Paul Bley
Live at the Hilcrest Club 1958 (Inner City, 1958 [1976])
Coleman Classics Volume 1 (Improvising Artists, 1958 [1977])

With Bongwater
Double Bummer (Shimmy-Disc, [1988])

With Charles Brackeen
Rhythm X (Strata-East, 1973)

With Allen Ginsberg
Songs of Innocence and Experience (MGM, 1970)[12]

With Charlie Haden
[LP]Liberation Music Orchestra (Impulse!, 1969)
[LP]The Golden Number (1976) (one track)
[LP]The Ballad of the Fallen (ECM, 1986)
The Montreal Tapes: with Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell (Verve, 1989 [1994])

With Abdullah Ibrahim
The Journey (Chiaroscuro, 1977)

With Clifford Jordan
In the World (Strata-East, 1969 [1972])

With Steve Lacy
[LP]Evidence (New Jazz, 1962)

With Michael Mantler
[LP]The Jazz Composer's Orchestra (ECM, 1968)
[LP]No Answer (WATT/ECM 1973)

With Jim Pepper
Comin' and Goin' (Europa, 1983)

With Sonny Rollins
Our Man in Jazz (RCA Victor, 1962)

With George Russell
George Russell Sextet at Beethoven Hall (MPS, 1965)

With Sun Ra
Hiroshima (1983)
Stars That Shine Darkly (1983)
Purple Night (A&M, 1990)
Somewhere Else (Rounder, 1993)

With Lou Reed
The Bells (1979)

With Charlie Rouse
Epistrophy (Landmark, 1989)

With others
Albert Heath and James Mtume along with Herbie Hancock and Ed Blackwell – Kawaida (1969)
Steve Hillage – L (1976)
[LP]Collin Walcott – Grazing Dreams (ECM, 1977)
Latif Khan – Music/Sangam (1978)
Johnny Dyani – Song for Biko (1978)
[LP]Masahiko Togashi - Session In Paris, Vol. 1 "Song Of Soil" (Take One/King, 1979)
Bengt Berger – Bitter Funeral Beer (ECM, 1981)
Rip Rig + Panic – I Am Cold (1982)
Bengt Berger Bitter Funeral Beer Band – Live in Frankfurt (1982)
Dag Vag – Almanacka (1983)
Frank Lowe – Decision in Paradise (Soul Note, 1984)
Jai Uttal – Footprints (1990)
Ed Blackwell Project – Vol. 2: "What It Be Like?" (1992) (one track)