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K’s Jazz Days


William Parker: Essence Of Ellington (2012) 時間とともに変態を続けるジャズの「芯」


BandcampのAUM Fidelityのサイトで入手。元来、別レーベルの2枚組だったみたいだ。





Notes from William Parker on this project:
“When I was 7 years old my father would come home from work and play the Ellington recording “Live at Newport 1957” almost every night. I would dance to this glorious music until I was exhausted. The essence was the glow around the music; it was the aura that identified each sound. There was this feeling of jubilation attached to each rhythm and melody as it moved across space. With each musician speaking in his own voice and Edward Kennedy Ellington writing for each individual, catering to their strengths and weakness yet still being true to the music. It was at that time that I heard the Essence of Ellington, the jump, the freedom, all layered in the blues. The essence is also the scream, the high note, the vamps, the singing voices and personalities of the instruments that make up the orchestra which are at all times individual. The melody will be there but it will grow wings and give birth to new themes and gestures sometimes going into trance as all sacred music eventually does. The essence of Ellington is to be your self. It's the hippest song around.” 

Essence of Ellington: Live in Milano

Essence of Ellington: Live in Milano


William Parker: Essence Of Ellington (2012, Centering Records)
1. Introduction By William Parker 3:12
2. Portrait Of Louisiana 20:15
3. Essence Of Sophisticated Lady / Sophisticated Lady 26:38
4. Take The Coltrane 21:09
5. In A Sentimental Mood 7:28
6. Take The A Train / Ebony Interlude 16:35
7. Caravan 23:16
8. The Essence Of Ellington 14:13
William Parker(b), Hamid Drake(ds) , Dave Burrell(p), Kidd Jordan(ts), Dave Sewelson(bs), Sabir Mateen(cl, ts), Rob Brown, Darius Jones(as), Ras Moshe(ss, ts), Steve Swell, Willie Applewhite(tb), Roy Campbell(tp, flh), Matt Lavelle(tp), Ernie Odoom(vo)
The entire Sunday night concert of February 5, 2012 at Teatro Manzoni in Milano, Italy