K’s Jazz Days

K’s Jazz Days


Jazz (reeds, fl)

Wayne Shorter: Moto Grosso Feio (1970) 発売に至らなかった、には納得

Wayne Shorter(ts, ss), John McLaughlin(g), Ron Carter(cello, b), Dave Holland(b), Chick Corea(Marimba, ds, perc), Michelin Prell(ds, perc) Producer Duke Pearson Released August 1974 Recorded April 3, 1970, or August 26, 1970 Engineer: Tony…

Rudolph Johnson: The Second Coming (1972)  今朝の私向けSpotifyの選盤

Rudolph Johnson(ts), Kirk Lightsey(p), Kent L. Brinkley(b), Douglas J. Sides(ds) Producer: Gene Russell Recording: Hollywood Spectrum, Los Angeles

Wayne Shorter: Odyssey Of Iska (1970) 「ほぼWR状態」のソロを存分に堪能できる

Wayne Shorter(ts,ss), Dave Friedman(vib, marinba), Gene Bertoncini(g), Cecil McBee, Ron Carter(b), Al Mouzon, Billy Hart(ds). Frank Cuomo(perc, ds) Producer: Duke Pearson Recorded at the A&R Studios, New York City on August 26, 1970.

Sean Khan: Supreme Love: A Journey through Coltrane(2021) さまざまなコンテキストにまみれたコルトレーンの曲を

Sean Khan(ss, ts, fl, vo), Andy Noble(p), Jim Mullen(g), Dario de Lecce(b), Laurie Lowe(ds), Angélica V. Salvi(harp), Jackie Phillips(cello), Michael Whittaker(viola), Angela Hunt, Meg Gates(vln), Heidi Vogel(vo), Tom White(tb)

Zoh Amba:  O, Sun(2022) 話題だから聴いてみたが

Zoh Amba(ts), Micah Thomas (p), Thomas Morgan(b), Joey Baron(ds) John Zorn(as on 5)

Steve Grossman, Masahiro Yoshida: Our old frame (1987) その思い切りの良さが

Steve Grossman, Masahiro Yoshida: Our old frame (1987, O.S.C.Record)1. New Moon2. Cherokee3. 415 C.P.W4. I Can't Get Started5. I Love YouSteve Grossman (ss, ts), 米田正義(p), 河原秀夫(b), 吉田正広(ds) Recorded in Tokyo on July 2, 1987 ----…

清水靖晃: Kiren (1984) そんな習作感があって

清水靖晃:(ts, b-cl), 渡辺モリオ(b), 生田朗(ring ds, turn table)

John Zorn, Bill Laswell: The Cleansing (2022) ジャズの音を吹くゾーン

John Zorn(as), Bill Laswell(b)

Carter Jefferson: The Rise Of Atlantis (1978) ウッディ・ショウ盤の番外編

A1-A3: recorded on December 23, 1978. Carter Jefferson(ts, ss), 日野皓正(tp, flh),Harry Whitaker(p), Clint Houston(b), Victor Lewis(ds, perc), Steve Thornton (perc), Lani Groves(vo. A1) B1-B3: recorded on December 27, 1978. Carter Jeffers…

Woody Shawの相棒だったCarter Jeffersonのメモとプレイ・リスト


今朝の一枚 ( Dave Liebman: Surreality ) リボーの電化マイルス的音がヒット


Cedar Walton: Eastern Rebellion (1975) コールマン目当てだったがウォルトンも

Cedar Walton(p), George Coleman(ts,ss), Sam Jones(b), Billy Higgins(ds) Engineer: Elvin Campbell Mixer: Brother Dave Producer: Cedar Walton Recorded on Dec. 10, 1975 at CI Recording Studio, NYC

David Murray, Mal Waldron: Silence (2001) 晩年のデュオ

Mal Waldron(p), David Murray(ts, b-cl) Recorded in Brussels, Belgium, October 5-6, 2001.

Lee Konitz, Paul Bley: Out Of Nowhere (1997) 期待値が大きすぎたか。。。

Lee Konitz(as), Paul Bley(p), Jay Anderson(b), Billy Drummond(ds) Recording: Josiah Gluck Producer: Nils Winther Recorded April 1997.

Sonny Rollins: Next Album (1972) CDで聴いてみたが

Sonny Rollins(ts, ss), George Cables(p), Bob Cranshaw (b), Arthur Jenkins (perc on A1, B1), David Lee (ds on A2, B1, B3), Jack DeJohnette (ds on A1, B2) Engineer: Elvin Campbell Mastered by Ray Hagerty Producer: Orrin Keepnews Recorded (Ju…

Sonny Rollinsの1970年代以降のDiscography

最初に聴いたロリンズのアルバムはDon't stop the carnivalではなかろうか。あるいはStandards。いずれも亡父が持っていたアルバムで、ボクが高校生の時分はそれくらいしか持っていなかったような記憶がある。ボクが大学生になって、数100枚買い集めてから亡…

Sonny Rollinsの1960年代Discography

Boot,Boot的アルバム以外はなんとなく揃ったかな。 1962 (age 32)[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - The Bridge (RCA Victor LPM-2527)[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - What's New (RCA Victor LPM-2572)[LPorg] Sonny Rollins - Our Man In Jazz (RCA Victor LPM-2612)Sonny…

(ECM1463) John Surman: Adventure Playground (1991) ECMはやっぱりこうだったよな

John Surman (bs, ss, b-cl), Paul Bley(p), Gary Peacock(b), Tony Oxley(ds) Engineer:Jan Erik Kongshaug Layout: Sascha Kleis Photograph: Jørn Sundby Producer: Manfred Eicher Recorded September, 1991 Rainbow Studio, Oslo

峰厚介: First (1970) 峰厚介のアルトサックス

峰厚介(as), 菊地雅章(el-p), Larry Ridley(b), Lenny McBrowne(ds) Engineer: Norio Yoshizawa Producer: Masaharu Honjo Recorded at Victor Studio, June 17 & 18th. 1970

Gary Burton, Sonny Rollins, Clark Terry – 3 In Jazz (1963) 聴き所が嬉しいアルバム

Gary Burton, Sonny Rollins, Clark Terry – 3 In Jazz (1963, RCA Victor)LSP-2725A1. Gary Burton Hello, Young Lovers 2:54A2. Gary Burton Gentle Wind And Falling Tear 2:52A3. Sonny Rollins You Are My Lucky Star 3:40A4. Sonny Rollins I Could Wr…

梅津和時: 沖縄浮浪(1997) 音の私小説のような

梅津和時(as, ss, cl, b-cl) 録音:藤村保夫

土岐英史: Toki (1975) セッション79の擦り込みを割り引いても

土岐英史(as,ss), 渡辺香津美(g), 井野信義(b), Steve Jackson (ds) Engineer: 神成芳彦, 大川正義 Producer: 藤井武 Recorded May 17, 1975 at AOI Studio, Tokyo.

Bobby Hutcherson, Harold Land, Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, Archie Shepp, Karin Krog: Live At The Festival (1970, 72, 73) この時代のジャズへの偏愛を

Recorded at Festival Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

Eric Dolphy: Iron Man (1963) やはりリチャード・デイヴィスとのデュオに

Eric Dolphy(as, b-cl, fl), Woody Shaw, Jr(tp), Clifford Jordan(ss), Huey Simmons(as), Prince Lasha(fl),Robert Hutcherson(vib), Eddie Kahn(b on A1), Richard Davis (b), J.C. Moses'ds) Producer: Alan Douglas Recorded July 1st & 4th 1963

Kahil El'Zabar, David Murray : We Is/ Live At The Bop Shop (2004) 彼らの音の太さ、が

Producer: Robert G. Koester, Steve Wagner Recorded live at The Bop Shop record store, Rochester, NY

Archie Shepp, Jason Moran: Let My People Go (2017-18) ところがどっこい

Archie Shepp(ts,ss,vo), Jason Moran(p) Recorded on September 12th 2017 at La Philharmonie de Paris, during Jazz à la Villette Festival, on November 9th 2018 at the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim, during Enjoy Jazz Festival.

Sonny Rollins: The Standard Sonny Rollins(1964) それだけだから良い

Sonny Rollins(ts), Herbie Hancock(p), Jim Hall (g), Bob Cranshaw, David Izenzon,Teddy Smith (b). Mickey Roker (ds) Producer: George Avakian Recorded in New York City

Albert Ayler: My Name Is Albert Ayler(1963) ドルフィーがいいなあ、と同じような感覚で

Albert Ayler(ts,ss), Niels Brønsted(p), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen(b), Ronnie Gardiner8ds) Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, January 14, 1963.

Horace Tapscott, Michael Session: Live At Théâtre Du Chêne Noir, Avignon, France 1989 カセットテープが音源らしいが

Horace Tapscott(p), Michael Session(ss)

Stan Getz: Sweet Rain (1967) リーダ作以外で思い浮かぶチック・コリア

Stan Getz(ts), Chick Corea(p), Ron Carter(b), Grady Tate(ds) Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder Producer: Creed Taylor Recorded March 30, 1967 at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Engelwood Cliffs, New Jersey.